Music in the Barns Chamber Ensemble featuring works by John Cage, Philip Glass and Michael Oesterle
Becoming Sensor - A Multi-Sensory Installation by Natasha Myers and Ayelen Liberona
The Great Arc - by guest artists, New York City duo Dana Lyn & Kyle Sanna



Created for the CART/ACRT 2017 Conference Performing the Anthropocene: Setting the Stage for the End of the World, Music in the Barns’ multi-room transformation of the landmark Great Hall moved audiences through three rooms of music, art, spoken word and film. 

The evening’s centerpiece was the multi-stage Main Hall performance of John Cage’s prescient 1976 composition “Lecture on the Weather”, framed by works for strings and percussion by Philip Glass and Canadian composer Michael Oesterle.

According to Cage, “Lecture on the Weather” was originally to be performed by twelve men, “preferably American men who have become Canadian citizens”. Music in the Barns reimagined the work to reflect today's socio-political environment together a lineup of Canada’s most important and diverse social activists, leaders and performers to unfold Cage’s most powerfully politically charged composition.

Sponsored by:

Pocket Concerts  |  University of Toronto's School of the Environment  |  The Social Collective