Music In The Barns Chamber Ensemble with Guests Moshe Hammer, violin and Cullan Bryant, piano, Village Living Magazine

by Joy Tanner: November 29, 2014


A Return to the Classics at Music In The Barns, BeMused Blog

by Joy Tanner: November 28, 2014


Concert Sampler (Saturday), Toronto Star

by Chris Young: November 27, 2014


Making Music in the Barns, Artscape in the News

by Karen Whaley: July 15, 2013


Q&A with Carol Gimbel, Artistic Director of Music in the Barns, BeMused Blog

by Margaret Lam: February 26, 2013


'Music for Heart and Breath' by Richard Reed Parry Comes to Toronto,

by Alex Hudson: February 23, 2013


Music in the Barns Chamber Ensemble "Light" Performance was Spectacular at Wychwood Barns, Village Living Magazine

Concert Review: December 8, 2012


Young Music Makers, Part II: Carol Gimbel- Artistic Director, Music in the Barns, Toronto is Awesome

by Sharon Lee: December 5, 2012


6 Best Music Classes for Kids in Toronto,

October 2012


Why Music Lessons Work, What's UP: Canada's Family Magazine

Q&A with Carol Gimbel, Music in the Barns Artistic Director

by Erin RuddyMarch 11, 2011


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